Why this campaign?


Our natural world is facing the most serious threats she has ever known.

At the forefront is the accelerating loss of biodiversity, upon which all life depends.


Worse still, this very real threat is being marketed and exploited in order to re-boot the global economy.

The so-called “New Deal For Nature” (NDFN) is being drawn up by the world’s most powerful corporations, financial institutions, and NGOs complicit in human rights abuses.

Also at the helm of the NDFN is the World Economic Forum which entered into partnership with the United Nations on June 13, 2019.

The NDFN is due to be finalized at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) conference in China in October 2020.

This is the corporate coup of the commons. It represents the monetization of all nature on a global scale.

Under the guise of environmental protection, the NDFN amounts to the privatization, commodification and objectification of nature, marketed with emotive imagery and holistic framing.

It also threatens further Indigenous displacement and genocide.

The NDFN would involve the total transformation of the global economic system for the creation of new markets, to salvage the failing global economic capitalist system that is destroying our shared futures and all life on Earth.

Mark Tercek, former CEO of The Nature Conservancy describes the intent best: “This reminds me of my Wall Street days. I mean, all the new markets, the high yield markets, this is how they all start.”

The NDFN must be stopped. We call on all those who care about nature to speak out now.

We urge them to hold public meetings, disseminate information, form local campaign groups, hold protests, and to take whatever action is necessary to halt this monstrous and unprecedented assault on our living world by the capitalist system.

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Five reasons to say "no" to
the New Deal For Nature


1. Conceived of by vested interests. The New Deal For Nature (NDFN) is being drawn up by the world’s most powerful corporations, financial institutions, and conservation NGOs, including WWF. WWF has been complicit in human rights abuses for decades. At the helm of the NDFN is the World Economic Forum which entered into partnership with the United Nations on June 13, 2019.

2. Undemocratic. The NDFN is being negotiated without any participation from the wider public. The deal will be concluded at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) conference in China in October 2020 without any vote by our local, regional or national parliaments, bypassing full democratic scrutiny.

3. Represents the corporate coup of the commons. During negotiations on free trade agreements such as TTIP and CETA, we saw how our governments work hand-in-hand with multinational corporations to hand over even greater power to big business, privatising more public services. Now nature is up for grabs.

Under the guise of taking action on the climate and ecological crises, what the NDFN entails, in practice, is the financialisation and privatisation of nature (defined as “ecosystem services”, “natural capital”, “natural climate solutions” or “nature-based solutions”)—global in scale. Assigning monetary value to nature enables industries such as the fossil fuel industry to continue polluting as long as they commit to engaging in net zero activities such as offsetting carbon emissions by planting trees, or by “restoring” nature.

4. Rescues the very system destroying nature. The NDFN would involve the total transformation of the global economic system to create new markets, thereby salvaging the failing global economic capitalist system that has brought us to the brink of ecological catastrophe.


5. Harms those best placed to protect biodiversity. The NDFN would threaten the further displacement and genocide of Indigenous and tribal peoples as global corporations and conservation NGOs seek control of their lands to maintain hegemony under the guise of tackling climate change and restoring nature. This represents a new wave of colonisation, for peoples in the Global South in particular.

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"Our obligation must be to ensure that there is a future culture that will be able to look back on these times and that, although nature is already tottering (...), she remains on her feet and out of the grave which we would inevitably share with her."

~ The Anarchist Revelation

Signatories of the No Deal For Nature campaign statement to date include:

Peter Allen, illustrator, UK
Marianne Birkby, artist and founder of Radiation Free Lakeland, UK
Catte Black, campaigner
Dr Andrea Brock, University of Sussex, UK
Stephen Corry, Director, Survival International
Mya-Rose Craig, Birdgirl, President Black2Nature, UK

Paul Cudenec, campaigner and author, France
Brian Davey, Social Ecological Economist, UK

Dr Alexander Dunlap, University of Oslo, Norway
Dr Anwesha Dutta, post doctoral researcher, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway
Luke Eastwood, regional co-ordinator of Extinction Rebellion Kerry, Ireland
Patrick Farnsworth, campaigner and host of Last Born in the Wilderness, US

Hiroyuki Hamada, artist, US
Molly Klein, campaigner, US
Spencer Latu, host of the Spencer Latu Show, CiTR, Canada
Lukas Leitinger, MA student at UPF Barcelona, Spain
John Lennon, campaigner,
Let's build a better Jamaica, Jamaica
Prof. dr. ir. Frédéric Leroy, VUB, Belgium (signing in an independent capacity)
Jacob Levich, university administrator and researcher, New York City, US
Sumner Macpherson, campaigner, US
Paul Melzer, campaigner, US
Jordan Michel-Muniz, social activist, Brazil
Dr Jonathan Molad, philosopher, Melbourne, Australia
Cory Morningstar, writer and researcher at Wrong Kind of Green, Canada
Branko Obradovic, campaigner, Croatia
Organic Radicals
Forrest Palmer, writer and researcher at Wrong Kind of Green, US
Geraldine Ring, campaigner, Belgium
South Essex Radical Media, UK
Noga Shanee, PhD, Reclaim Conservation
Christopher Shaw, Visiting Faculty member of the School of Business, Management and Economics, University of Sussex, UK

Keith Harmon Snow, photojournalist and war correspondent

Dr Clive Spash, Chair of Public Policy and Governance, Institute for Multi-Level Governance & Development, Department of Socio-Economics, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Don Sullivan, former N. American Coordinator for the Taiga Rescue Network, Canada
Paul Swann, campaigner, UK
Michael Swifte, writer and researcher at Wrong Kind of Green, Australia
Gregory Vickrey, teacher and researcher, Wrong Kind of Green​ associate
Mathias Weiss, PhD student, Faculty of Sociology, University of Innsbruck, Austria 
Al Williams, environmental campaigner, UK
Winter Oak Press

Much gratitude to Mario Sánchez Nevado of Aégis Strife for his permission to use the illustration Betrayal, and to Corinne, Dominique, Julien, Soraya, Boris and Luis for translating material into other language versions of this site to be launched soon.


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