Question your elected representatives about the Leaders Pledge For Nature

At the UN Biodiversity Summit on September 30, 2020, over 70 heads of state pledged to "protect nature" via a #LeadersPledge4Nature initiative. [To know if your country has signed up, check]

This same initiative is supported by non-state actors such as Business For Nature, The Capitals Coalition (Natural Capital Coalition and Social & Human Capital Coalition), Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and WWF.


All of these also happen to be behind the New Deal For Nature, with WWF leading the charge. [See]

This deal, however, has nothing to do with protecting nature. It is solely about protecting corporate interests and creating new emerging markets. 

If we don't kick up enough fuss, significant sums are likely to go to the conservation industry seeking to protect corporate interests, not nature. What is most concerning is that the rights of Indigenous and tribal peoples — those who inhabit many of the areas sought for the New Deal For Nature — have been consisently abused by conservation NGOs, WWF in particular.

To find out more about the Leaders Pledge For Nature initiative, please send the letter below to your elected representatives (councillors, members of national parliament, members of EU parliament, etc.).


Dear [insert name of elected representative],

At the recent UN Biodiversity Summit, an initiative called the "Leaders Pledge For Nature" was unveiled. [1]


Our government has pledged to support this initiative, without having consulted its citizens. This is undemocratic.


With the conservation industry, led by WWF, seeking to double the number of protected areas globally to 30% as part of a New Deal For Nature, I am extremely concerned that our government may be complicit in the potential eviction and displacement of Indigenous and tribal peoples in the Global South. [2] These people are considered the best guardians of biodiversity yet have had their rights consistently abused by the same conservation industry. [3]


I would therefore be grateful if you could inform me of the following:

- how much government funding is being pledged via this initiative and over which period;

- who specifically will be receiving these funds;

- what specific purposes these funds will serve.


Yours sincerely, 
[insert name]