Organiser un événement

Notre campagne est une campagne indépendente, internationale et décentralisée.

Nous ne sommes pas une organisation, et nous ne disposons donc pas de ressources financières. 

Nous vous invitons de vous impliquer comment est possible pour vous.

En-bas, quelques idées comment vous pouvez aider la campagne ! 



1. Signer notre mission

Si vous voulez signer notre mission et vous impliquer dans notre campagne, merci de nous contacter à

2. Organiser un événement

Dés que vous avez compris en quoi consiste le Nouveau Deal pour la Nature, pensez à organiser un événement afin d'informer le plus grand public.

Quelques propostions :
1. Organiser une projection d'un documentaire - par exemple, Banking NatureLe silence des pandas (ce que le WWF ne dit pas) ou Victim of the WWF, followed by a discussion. 

2. Host a reading group to read and discuss the material in the Further information section of our site.

3. Hold an action at WWF offices exposing their human rights abuses and how they are unfit to protect nature. (WWF is leading the charge for the New Deal For Nature.)

3. Spread the word

As with any campaign that challenges state and corporate power, we can expect this campaign to go largely ignored by the corporate media.

On the positive side, this means that each of us has to use our own imagination and creativity to spread the message, both on- and offline.

Quelques propostions pour partager les informations face-à-face :

1. Strike up a conversation about the topic at every opportunity you get.

2. Attend conferences and other events, distributing flyers to attendees during the coffee and lunch breaks.

3. Spread the word in your community by leaving flyers at bars, cafés, libraries, schools, universities, etc. 

Quelques propostions pour partager l'information en ligne :

1. Use opportunities to spread the word when the #NewDealForNature hashtag is trending on Twitter. 
(If you are only on Facebook, consider becoming active on Twitter instead, as it is far more useful and subject to less censorship.) 

2. Counter propaganda with the truth.
In the UK specifically, BBC Radio 4 and The Guardian can be relied upon to sell the New Deal For Nature to the public. In other countries, state media may also be used to publicise it. If you see any of your followers sharing New Deal For Nature propaganda, send them the link to our website inviting them to get involved in the campaign.

3. Keep a close eye on the prominent climate capitalist Twitter accounts.
Tweet under any popular tweets from these accounts promoting natural climate solutions or nature-based solutions. These solutions are currently being used to prime the public for the New Deal For Nature.